Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Abe Goes Fishing

 Abe was invited to Kai's birthday party which was held at his grandparent's home.
Abe thought the chickens were just wonderful.

 The pond was well stocked and everyone caught a fish!

 Another one!
Pure joy...

 Such great fun...

 Hot dogs for everyone...

Turtle Time...

This is one of my favorite pictures of Abe!

The children will always remember this very special afternoon, I am sure...
Happy Birthday, Kai!

Abe Captures the Castle

 Abe decided today would be a good day to build a castle.

Castle adventures abound!

~Happy Boy~

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

On The Farm

Joe and I spent the weekend in Tennessee surprising my sister with an early 50th Birthday Party.
We are so grateful to Noah, Amy, and Abe for watching the farm!
I think Abe enjoyed himself...

 Abe loved our very warm pool and spent hours in it...which meant Noah and Amy spent hours in it as well!
They are such good sports.

Sandbox time...

Lots of exploring to do!

 There were some inside moments...with Ellie and Gypsy by Abe's side.

And then...
 Back outside to roam the goat field...

Noah's shadow selfie...

 Abe also spent some time playing with his shadow.

A mother and her son and a beautiful sunset!
~Heaven on Earth~

Thank you for taking such good care of our farm and all the animals!

The Blanket Model

Abe decided to cover himself with all of his smaller blankets and surprise his mom.
That he did!

Snow Cones for Everyone

Abe decided to have a Snow Cone Party and invited ALL of his animal friends.
My grandson knows how to entertain himself...and everyone else!

Yoga Boy

 Amy and Abe are doing yoga.
Ellie...not so much.

Abe is a natural.
Children are extremely flexible!
~Mommy and Abe Time~