Thursday, November 30, 2017

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

 Peter the Elf is finding life at the Carlson Home such fun!

There is magic in the air...

~Through a child's eyes~

A Huge Milestone

The rite of passage from babyhood to boyhood...the loss of the first baby tooth!

The Tooth Fairy kindly left Abe's tooth for him to keep.  She often does that with the first tooth.
Abe found toothbrushes, a couple of small toys, and some money under his pillow!
Such a generous Tooth Fairy...


Abe's animal friends enjoyed a Thanksgiving Breakfast courtesy of Abe.

Auntie Brooke loves her Abe!
 An amazing Thanksgiving Dinner was held at Cassi and Pat's home.

Abe helped with all the cooking for his family's little post Thanksgiving Party.

~Holidays are even more precious because of Abe~

The Red Store

I wonder how long Abe will call Target the Red Store and look forward to a road trip to his mecca every time Oma/Joe come to visit?
I sometimes wish Abe's childhood would last forever...

Growing Boy

Abe just keeps getting bigger with each passing day!
He loves his new shoes...

Steve and Kirsten's Wedding

 Our dear family friend, Steve, married his soulmate Kirsten...and we all got to share in this glorious day.

Abe was not too sure about wearing a small flower or being the ring bearer.

 Instead, Abe opted to sit and watch...for a short while.

 Abe and I decided to take a walk during the ceremony...along with Sloth and Hitty Daisy.

While we waited for the wedding party to finish up with their pictures, Joe, Abe, and I ate doughnuts and played with Legos and dinosaurs.
Later we enjoyed a delicious brunch and then danced and danced!

~Congratulations to Steve and Kirsten!