Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Our Beach Boy

Amy and Abe spent a perfect afternoon at Huntington Beach...
Abe loves the fresh air, water, and space to run and play.
Good old summertime!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Little Passports

Brooke and Scott signed Abe up for a wonderful journey around the world for his birthday present this year.
Abe received the first monthly kit and is totally into the adventure!
Abe is one lucky little boy...

Summer Vacation

 What is Abe doing?

 My creative grandson was studying each page of this beautiful book and setting up scenes to match the story.

And then...
Abe and his dad created this beautiful bird.  Abe is really interested in birds and Noah did a bit of an anatomy discussion along the way.
Abe and I are going to make a background scene for his new feathered friend this weekend in "Oma's Art Room".

Happiness is being Abe's Oma...

Friday, June 9, 2017

Abe's VERY Happy FOURTH Birthday

Our first stop on Abe's Magical Birthday Tour started at Abe's AMAZING Montessori School and his special birthday celebration.

It was so much fun watching Abe in a classroom setting...

Abe's AWESOME teacher, Miss Becky, started the ceremony and explained Abe would be traveling around the sun four times to represent how many times the earth has traveled around the sun since Abe was born.

The students sang a little song as Abe very seriously made his Birthday Pilgrimage.

Abe also showed his classmates a picture of himself at various ages.
I must say, it was "a sacred time" for the parents and grandparents!

And then...
Joe and I treated Noah, Amy, and Abe to some birthday gifts at Barnes & Noble.
After all, they had something to do with Abe's birth!

At The Cheesecake Factory...
A birthday lunch was definitely in order...

The Birthday Fairy texted Daddy and told him Abe's presents had arrived and we needed to get home!

A bit later...
Wow!  The Birthday Fairy had quite a few orders to fill from parents and grandparents alike.

Abe was quite excited about his first playmobil set.

A Butterfly Garden...
How wonderful!

And finally...
The Birthday Fairy left Oma/Joe's gift in the garage.

We hoped Abe was "ready" for his own battery operated police car.

Joe explained how to operate the car and Abe listened very intently.

Abe was MORE than ready to drive his own car.

Amy helped Abe with moving the lever to reverse.
He caught on very quickly.

Scott and Brooke joined us for some birthday fun and a pizza party!

Time to fill up the bouncy ball....

Abe had a "ball" bouncing up and down his driveway!

Birthday Cake Time...
 Look at that beautiful face
We are so blessed to be Abe's grandparents.

 Brooke was in dog heaven...She loves Ellie.

Joe and Abe got busy putting everything together.

And there was playtime for these two kindred spirits!

The next day...
Amy informed us Abe was busy arresting "people" all day!

We had the VERY best of times celebrating Abe's birthday.
He is the sunlight in our lives and we love him with all of our hearts...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day with Abe

Joe and I wanted to have a little Memorial Day gathering on the farm and Scott volunteered his grill and himself to be our Chef for the event.
Thank you, Scott!

Brooke and I followed Abe on his second Farm Treasure Hunt.
He loved it!

Noah relaxed and was gearing up for his class trip to Pittsburgh.

 We are Family...

Abe was busy playing in his sandbox and new Pirate Water Ship.
A few of us went swimming...the heater makes ALL the difference!

And then...
Before Abe left, he made sure to say goodbye to my eight guinea pigs.  

~It was my favorite Memorial Day...ever~

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Abe Visits the Farm

 It was Dog Grooming Day, which is also Family Day on the farm.
I decided to organize a Treasure Hunt for Abe...complete with a map!

 Abe spotted the fire helicopter.  He is totally in love with helicopters these days.

And a police helicopter...WOW!

Lunch time...I LOVE our round table!

And then...
 Back outside to sail the "pirate ships".

Fish feeding time...

 Goat feeding time...

Checking out the goat play area...

Feed the birds...

 Abe was very deliberate about spreading the seeds around the trees.

 A little game of Hide and Seek with Grandpa Joe.

Back inside for a bit...
Abe and Joe are the best of playmates.

Getting ready to go back home...
Joe and Abe tried to fly the kite one more time...not enough wind!
Next time...

~It was a day to cherish~

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Abe's Neighborhood

The Cleveland Bicycle Police were taking a ride through Abe's neighborhood and my grandson was quite thrilled...