Sunday, September 24, 2017

Farm Fun

My happiest days are when Abe visits the farm.
He zeroed in on the boat set I promised him I would have ready the next time he came to the farm.
Our Chippies and Squirrels were in for quite an afternoon.

But first, Abe wanted to go fishing for the picnic lunch he was planning for our friends.

Abe told me the most important thing about fishing is finding the right bait.
He should know...He has fishing experience.

And then there was a trip to the beach.
It really does look like Abe is gathering some sunshine.

Lunch is served!

And then...
Joe thought he might get a bit of a rest.
Abe had other plans.

It was pirate ship playtime.
Two peas in a pod.

And then the water war began!

A change of venue...
Abe wanted to feed the goats and climb on their ramps.

Abe has been a bit hesitant about climbing this narrower plank, but announced to Joe is was ready to do it...on his own.

And he did!

Back in the barn...
Our goats absolutely love Abe.

Our funny grandson decided to "pee" just like the goats.
He laughed forever...and so did we!

Toby especially enjoys Abe's company.

Back in the house...
Abe's favorite Hittyville Borough is Hittyville Village. This is where I have replicated my childhood home and forest, and more scenes from my youth.  My Mom and Dad dolls seem to be watching their great-grandson and this moment brought tears to my eyes.

Change of pace...
Joe and Abe played Dinosaur Castle.

Cookie break!

Time to head home...
We visited the barn loft with Noah, Amy, and Abe to ask if they wanted to take some of their stored belongings home.
Abe spotted my old Thomas toy chest and we decided he was more than ready for it.
I had been worried about the edges, but Abe is 4!

Back home...
Abe is loving his new train and still on the go after a busy day on the farm.

~It was the VERY best of times~

Beach Boy

This unseasonably warm weather in Ohio means more barefoot days on the shore of Lake Erie.

Climbing Mount Cottage

Abe is going through a climbing phase these days.
His school has a brand new climbing wall and Abe loves scaling it whenever he can!


Abe loves a good car adventure...especially to the grocery store where he helps choose the fruits and vegetables.
Abe reminds me often that joy comes from the everyday-ness of life.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Big Bad Wolf

 Abe took out his wolf costume from last Halloween and became...

The Big Bad Wolf!
~Where the Wild Things Are~

Beware of Snowball the Dragon

 There's a dragon in the house!

Costumes aren't just for Halloween!

It Goes On

Abe and Noah made blueberry muffins using Amy's grandmother's muffin tins.
~A famly tradition~